Have you visited New England Felting Supply?

Homepage-AboutSince 2007, we have catered specifically to the needs of needle felters and wet felters. The staff at NEFS is trained to explain details about the feltmaking process and to help customers choose the exact wool or blend for their project.

Are you a needle felter? Once you try our Norwegian C-1 Needle Felting wool you will be hooked! Wet felters will love our Short Fiber Merino Wet Felting Wool. Not only is it the fastest felting wool you will ever use, but is also has the tightest, smoothest finished surface.

If you have any felting questions please call us Tue-Sat 10-5pm us at 413-527-1188 or visit our contact page to get in touch. We look forward to helping with you next felting project! To learn more about our history please read on...