Felted Slippers with Elena Gibson

Felted Slippers Class.

In this beginner-friendly workshop participants will create a pair of cozy slippers to warm one’s feet for a cold winter’s night! Students will learn to calculate shrinkage to determine the right size and shape of their template and explore the wet felting technique of using a flat resist. The design and embellishment will be kept simple in order to focus on shaping the slipper to achieve the perfect fit. Different methods of embellishment such as cut-outs, applique, and needle felted embroidery will be demonstrated in class to provide participants with possible choices to finish their product off at home.

Elena Gibson is a fiber artist and art educator with over 15 years experience. Originally form Slovakia (Bratislava) she is residing in West Hartford, CT with her husband and 3 children. Her work reflects her diverse background and interests in design with a focus on jewelry and interior decorative pieces. Her work can be also seen in Farmington Valley Art center Gallery in Farmington, CT.