How to Organize Your Workspace!

Creative types are known for their passion, dedication, and bravery, and these are amazing qualities that I know NEFS customers and staff embody.  Though many artists are disciplined and organized, however, there are plenty of us (myself five thousand percent included) whose closets look like a toddler’s dinner plate. In other words, messy, messy, messy!  Here are a few ideas for organizing your studio or workspace to maximize good vibes and cut out the bad ones!

We highly recommend hanging your roving!  That way, you can see what you have, and you can avoid those pesky moths that come from stuffing wool in plastic bags without proper light and ventilation.  Over-the-door shoe pouches work perfectly for this, and so do tiered closet hanger storage containers.  You can also cut a bunch of PVC pipes to the same size and attach them to some particle board using a strong adhesive.  Then, when your put all your wool in them you can see what you have available.

Trish recommends organizing by color.  Grouping similar colors together keeps your fiber clean, and it allows you to know right away whether you have gaps in your inventory.  While you’re felting, you can take a plastic egg carton, cut holes in the top, and thread your roving through.  That way, you keep your fiber dry and organized during the layout process.  We recommend storing things like neps or angelina in glass mason jars so you can see what you have.

For traveling to and from classes, consider investing in a cart from Dick’s Sporting Goods. (Our customer Meg loves taking ONE trip to the car instead of her customary fifteen!)  And how about storing your needles in a salt and pepper shaker?

Hopefully, if you try one or two or all of these ideas, you’ll love to spend time in your workspace.  Let us know what you do to keep your wool clean, fresh, and happy!

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