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So here I am with a giant fluff of C-1 wool, needles, and foam (or, sometimes, a rolling kit, soap, and merino combed top), and I wait for inspiration to strike. As a new felter, I don’t really know where to turn for ideas! I thought that maybe there were some of you out there who face the same conundrum, so I searched around for some expert advice. Here it is for you!

Trish, my go-to for felting advice and social media pro, suggested all of the things I should know as a member of my generation-use social media to your advantage! Scour pinterest! (Trish curates the NEFS page, and it honestly is one of the reasons I applied for this job in the first place.) Follow your favorite blogs and friend felters on Facebook! Trish likes Mab Graves’ Instagram and iFeltify, as well as micro blogs that cover both needle and wet felting. Eva Camacho, one of our most beloved instructors, follows Yekaterina (Katia) Mokeyeva (coming here this fall!!!), Pam de Groot, Vilte Felt, and Renata Felt, among many others. She finds inspiration in their innovative styling, and her work shows it.

Besides those digital ideas, I decided to investigate where expert felters get their inspiration. Moy Mackay, who we hosted years ago for a landscape class, gets her inspiration from pictures, drawings, and the outdoors. She recommends that all felters carry around a sketchbook with them to capture things as they happen– even a combination of colors can be very inspiring.

Christine White, our owner and author of Uniquely Felt, gets her inspiration initially from emotion. She looks to color and landscape as well, but the initial seed of what drives her is a strong feeling that she then physically manifests. She loves the intersection of emotion and color, emotion and texture. She believes that a successful piece of art generally has tension between resting places and activity, and this shows in her work.

What are you inspired by? What gets you up in the morning and contributes to your work? Comment away and fill us in!

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