Purchase 10 lbs of any combination of Short Fiber Merino, C-1, or C-1/Pelsull wool, in 1 lb increments of each color, and receive a 25% discount!  Use coupon code batting25 at checkout.

C-1 is the best wool for needle felting since it’s clean and free of vegetation. Card or layer different C-1 colors for rich jewel toned hues. One of the greatest things about C-1 is it produces a smooth felted surface free of those pesky needle marks! Once felted, you will notice a gorgeous natural sheen. The acronym C means the sheep was sheared in autumn and 1 means the highest grade available on the Norwegian market.  Norwegian C-1 can be wet felted but is slower than Short Fiber Merino.  Wet felters, use C-1 to increase the durability of merino and other fine wool felts or felt it alone for a tight, water-repellent fabric with sheen and elasticity.


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