German Felt Fun #52



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This issue introduces a pack of original dogs; each of them with their own personality.  Von Allen from the UK needle felts her “Heartfelt Dogs” and dresses them individually.  Meet the dog whisperer on page 32. Until the end of September 2016 you have the opportunity to hike with textile art in the Bergisches Land in Germany.  There is not only the Textile Art Trail by Silke Bosbach, but also an exhibition about “Stroffobtschaften” (fabric messages), where also some prominent artists have contributed their creations.  Wet your apetite for hiking and the accompanying exhibition on page 16.  The exhibition “All felt or what?” will be held at Burg Nideggen in the Eifel in Germany until the end of the year.  We present this exhibition on page 18.  800 years of felt’s history comes to life in the exhibit.  This issue is also filled with interesting events, workshops, travels, and exhibitions.

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