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There is a whole world full of inspiration out there, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to make next! It’s sort of like choosing between too many ice cream flavors.  I’ve run into that conundrum writing or creating in any way, and I thought some nudges in the right direction might be appreciated. I’ve compiled a list of project ideas that maybe you haven’t thought of before. Try them, change them, and tell us how they go!

1.)  Felt-a-Patch

All of us have some holey sweater stuffed in the back of our closet, or at least some well-loved jeans with a rip in the knee. Well, how about needle felting a patch? This trick works for knitted sweaters, denim, or even heavy cotton! Take a thick sponge or a piece of foam and put it underneath the hole for you to felt into. Then spread out a piece of C-1 batting in a color that either matches or complements the article that you want to repair; make sure that it’s not too thick initially, because you can always add more wool but can’t take it away! Start stabbing, and pay particular attention to the edges around your wool. If you are careful to felt consistently on the outline, the patch will have a more finished and professional look. Be sure to lift your piece up regularly so that the wool doesn’t felt into the sponge!

2.) Autumnal Art

If you’re looking for some fall-themed decor, go outside this very second and collect as many acorn tops as you can. Needle felt little acorn-shaped balls with needle felting wool. Be sure to wrap the wool as tightly as possible before you start needling to cut down on time! Then glue the tops to them using Elmer’s glue. You can string them together with a needle and thread, stuff them in a jar, or even spread them out on the floor to trip your family members when they walk through the front door!

3.) Bite-Sized

Needle felt a special guardian to take care of those little teeth on their way to Tooth Fairy Land! Needle felt a tooth (using a reference photo), and then make a deep tooth-sized hole in the top. Be sure to needle it very solid (as it will be going under a pillow), and then cover the hole with a prefelt flap and wrap it up for your kiddo!

4.) Thrifted Accoutrements

Go to a thrift shop and find a nice, big pendant (or, even better, a LOCKET!). Needle felt a landscape or an animal face onto uncarbonized prefelt. Use a stiffener, such as a gel medium or a mix of corn starch and water. You could also use Paverpol (a textile hardener) or just rub it with soap and water and let it dry. That way, the scent will keep the bugs away! Cut around the outside with sharp scissors and glue it on using E6000 all purpose adhesive, which you can find at any craft store.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next edition of Project Inspiration!

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