Uniquely Felt Turns Ten!

Felting Detangled would not exist without Uniquely Felt. It’s as simple as that. Whenever I need a strong dose of information and inspiration, or when I’m drowning in wool questions and have no answers, my first step is to pull out the heavy book with the green and orange cover that has informed a generation of feltmakers and wool enthusiasts.  Uniquely Felt was written in 2007 by Christine White, NEFS founder and owner, and it brings together all the information you need to really understand your feltmaking.  The book also contains all the information you need to make forty-six projects!  More important than product, though, is process, and Christine’s devotion to the craft of feltmaking is what prompted her to start NEFS ten years ago and to write what has been called the “Bible of feltmaking” by the Library Journal.  Felters create something beautiful from a pile of fiber, and Christine has communicated this magical transformation with clear directions, color photographs, and hearty sidebars full of historical information.  Her awe and joy is contagious.

At the time when Uniquely Felt was published, felting was relatively unknown, and Christine wanted to be one of the people who created a framework for the vocabulary and details of the processes unique to feltmaking.  “Writing Uniquely Felt was part of my overall mission,” she says.  “I wanted to make sure that feltmaking was understood, talked about, and taken seriously as a medium.  Founding the store, running the studio, and teaching classes have also been part of that mission.”  Christine believes (and I agree) that Uniquely Felt has remained relevant because of the technical instruction that it provides.  Even if projects come in and out of style, they are easily customized and adapted, and the technical information and tips provided are easily applied to any project a feltmaker wants to tackle.

We enjoy hearing stories of the impact Uniquely Felt has had on felters across the world and they continue to reach us ten years later.  One woman was deployed to Iraq and made sure to tuck a copy in her suitcase.  Another read the book before going to bed instead of a novel.  A felting group in Arizona took the book apart, laminated all the pages, and went through all the projects together.  Uniquely Felt brought together a community of pioneering artists expanding the ideas of what fiber art could be, and it remains a critical resource for anyone hoping to expand their felting toolbox and make something beautiful.  It is the first book I recommend to starry-eyed beginners as well as experienced artists, and it is the bedrock of this blog.  Uniquely Felt is indeed something beautiful.

And a note to all you readers out there:  Participate in the chance to win a $25 NEFS gift certificate by sharing a creative photo of your copy of Uniquely Felt with us and tag #10yearsofUniquelyFelt with your state or country on our blog, Facebook or Instagram Page!

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